The Internet is Losing Its Brain Over Half-Life 3

One of the fundamental writers on the Half-Life arrangement discharged a staid “Epistle” portraying his rendition of the following amusement in the arrangement — and, in a response as Pavlovian as it is untimely, the web took it and ran the distance to the conclusion that the arrangement is dead.


It’s indistinct precisely which diversion this Epistle is alluding to. It seems, by all accounts, to be an outline of author Marc Laid law’s variant of Half-Life 2.

What’s more, since Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and Half-Life 3 are both entwined in aggregate heart as the continuation of the establishment, many fans on Reddit and Twitter are persuaded this implies the finish of Half-Life.

It’s a storm in a tea kettle. Laid-law discharging the closure he’d have composed had he had the possibilit isn’t the same as a final breath to the entire establishment. Expectation springs everlasting, and Laid law is unyielding the story is not the slightest bit a standard determination to Gordon Freeman’s story.

It’s a pity that we haven’t (yet) got the amusement that Laid-law portrays, on the grounds that it sounds like the a standout among the most fascinating display diversions I’ve ever known about. Be that as it may, if the responses of the innovative fans is anything to pass by, we may get the chance to see some modded renditions of this yet.