5 Basic Web Design Elements for Website Designing Company

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Some of you think it’s simple but it might be deceptively difficult. When you see in the case of web designing, it seems like as simple to design. But rather to design simple, it has some basic & essential point to look after before you design any web portal or website. To accomplish a web designing with attractive, pleasing, coherent, build brands awareness and delivers information to clients, it may sound to be difficult and challenging. Most of the web designers/developers are not well-experienced or sound that what to follow & whatnot before web designing.

Five Essential Elements of Web Designing:

1. Aware of Audience: Before you start designing a website, you must take care of what a user like not to consider that you like! A developer or a designer must do some research, documentation, user-testing, and interviews about the user demand. Once you get information from a user perspective, let’s proceed to the next step.
2. Always put it simply: Rather designing a complex and complicated website, keep it simple from a user point of view. keeping it simple makes the website more efficient and consistent. When a user reaches to the website it must be crisp, and easy to navigate to the next page. Don’t mislead and confuse the user.
3. Mobile friendly design: The time is now to move ahead of creating only of the desktop applicable website. Already, the no. of mobile or tablet user have been increased with the growing market and technology. So, always create a responsive or mobile-friendly website with an ease of access on all the web browsers. It’ll increase the user experience and also help the user to stick to the portal.
4. Content is the king: Always use the high-quality and unique content. Do not copy any content or news from another portal, it’ll increase plagiarism and Google will spam your website. Google always update their algorithm for content, ranking, spam, AMP, etc. Do not try to get traffic by stuffing the keywords in your website’s content. When you update the website content, it may lead the user attraction, always use an informative content.
5. Impact of White Space: Some of the web designers consider not to leave white space or page to the website. It gives a proper proportion of contrast, brightness, and balance to the website. A white space makes the website attractive and elegant.
These are the essential points to keep-in before website development and helps to generate a better user experience.