Google Mobile-First Indexing Is Rolling out, How It Works?

Google Mobile-First Indexing Is Rolling out, How It Works?

If there is no Google’s mobile-first indexing page of your website, you’re going to lose traffic and tremendous opportunity to rank well on SERP. As you know Google has recently announced, Google will be rolling with new features named as “Google’s mobile-first indexing”. This change will get your brands to the next level. At first, you need to know about the term and its scenario.

Mobile-first indexing page – What & Why?

Mobile-first indexing page - What and Why?

Name itself replicate that it’s a mobile version of your web portals. By the time of growing technology, there is huge growth in the users of smartphones. In past, all relied on the desktop or somehow on mobile. The mobile-first indexing is all about, how Google is going to include your website for crawling and indexing, and that’s good results to website rank.

All SEO traditional & techniques will depend on how you’re implementing the mobile-first indexing. If your website works only for the desktop version, there will be no any blocking from the Google’s end. All will work properly. But If your website has mobile-version, it will create a great impact over SERP, a ranking of the site and it will boost crawling & indexing rate of your website to the extent, and you’ll get better Google search results for your brands or business. All you need to have best website development for your brands.

The characteristics of mobile-first indexing:

✔ It has a responsive website design
✔ It is very easily excisable on the mobile device
✔ AMP page – has mobile-friendly content to look good on every set of smartphones or tablets
✔ The website speed is remarkably speed
✔ Easy to navigate to other content