PPC Services

best Pay Per click ppc company- 3infoweb
The abbreviation of PPC is Pay-per-click, also well known as CPC (cost per click). PPC services or CPC is an advertisement model to get the traffic and leads through websites using different Search Engines such as Google and Bing. The algorithm basically works as when the customer clicks their Ads the advertiser will pay an amount of bid to the Search Engines. There are multiple types of campaigns for advertising any products or services. The Google Ads includes Search Ads, Display Ads, Call Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads (YouTube Network), Shopping Ads, and Universal app. The Google Ads also has Remarketing strategies to target the interested audiences through Display Ads onto different websites.

Explore Your Business/Brands with Our Pay Per Click Services

3InfoWeb offers PPC services in India as well as in Tanzania with high percentages of ROI (Return of Investment) and helps to generate B2B & B2C leads. We offer all types of relevant campaign Ads for your business /brands whether it’s on Google or Bing Search Networks. We provide PPC services with 100% instant results in the meanwhile also follow-up the clients. The 3InfoWeb’s PPC services let you reach the business aims with an ease of relevant campaign.

Our advertising strategies are:

  • Ads accounts (Google, Bing) creation
  • Keyword Analysis for bidding strategies
  • Budget determination
  • Lightweight PPC landing page development
  • Relevant campaign creation for the products or services
  • Quality Ads text set-up with 0% grammatical error
  • Mobile optimizations of Ads
  • Monitoring Ads
  • Follow-up with clients
  • Managing reports of campaigns