The Korean Mega bot Straight Out of Sci-Fi

Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver?” Jeff Bezos shouted, sitting in the cockpit of Method-2. In March 2017, the Amazon organizer and CEO showed up steering the huge robot model at the organization’s MARS gathering in Palm Springs. Technique 2 was a fitting image for the occasion; MARS remains for Machine-learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space investigation.

For the past 12 years, Bulgarov had worked for the film and recreations businesses, making outlines and characters for Robo Cop, Transformers and World of Warcraft. Jin-Ho Yang, CEO of the South Korean firm Han kook Marie Technology, reached Bulgarov with a demand. He needed to “make something that is just been conceivable in funnies and movies”.


At whatever point Method-2 shows up in broad daylight, it creates a blend of excitement, beguilement and distrust. It’s justifiable that even Bulgarov invested a long energy pondering whether to consider it immeasurably important. Notwithstanding the robot’s propelled building – which Hankook Mirae Technology created in-house – Method-2 strolls like a smashed Goliath. The robot along these lines stays suspended from two steel links, similar to a baby being kept down by its folks’ well being reins while it figures out how to walk.

After three years, the outcome is up and running (well, walking). Technique 2, which Bezos went up against a wild trial, is an extraordinary robot. It is, its maker says, the primary kept an eye on bipedal robot fit for moving 1.5 tons while synchronously translating the developments of its pilot. In the event that the traveler lifts an arm, Method-2 likewise lifts an arm – the main contrast being that the last’s arm weighs 148kg and has fingers that are around 30 centimeters in length.

That, however, is set to change: the company plans to install a new high-performance battery that will allow Method-2 to walk around for up to three hours at a time.
Tragically, that won’t enhance its step, which is an issue of weight dispersion. Nor will it quiet the feet that make the ground shake as they hit the floor.

Indeed, even as a kid, the business person longed for building robots. He has contributed around SKW242 billion (£166m) in his organization, which was set up particularly to create Method-2. Before the finish of 2017, he would like to start pitching the robot to clients for use in risky situations, for example, the atomic remains of Fukushima. Jin-Ho says that individual parts created in Method-2’s creation could likewise be sold without anyone else, with mechanical applications.

Method-2 may resemble a sci-fi prop or a tycoon’s toy. Yet, to its makers, robots like this could wind up noticeably basic in helping people explore the world’s harshest, most unavailable situations – regardless of the possibility that that does exclude the profundities of space right now.

Method-2 might look like a science-fiction prop or a billionaire’s plaything. But, to its creators, robots like this could become essential in helping humans navigate the world’s harshest, most inaccessible environments – even if that doesn’t include the depths of space just yet.