PHP Development

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PHP is server-side scripting code/programming language. To build a PHP website design and development requires PHP language, HTML, CSS, MySql. It is basically used for web application & website development. PHP languages are used to design dynamic & custom web pages. It’s commonly used because it is extendible, open source, easy to use, and compatible with almost all servers like Apache & IIS. PHP supports the database such as Oracle, Sybase, and MySql etc. The PHP based website is easy to access due to its code, function, and syntax. The PHP website is lightweight, simple, and mobile-friendly, and it holds the data to be secure on the server.

The PHP developer team of 3InfoWeb has developed many dynamic websites with proficiency & strong experience in website development that offers services to the client at competitive wages. 3InfoWeb take dignity to provide the best website development services and reaching the goals of the clients by understanding their vision & perceptions. Our expertise invariably develops sites according to the customer’s perspective with 100% satisfactory work and value for money services.

Our PHP Website Development Work Includes:

  1. Client’s requirements
  2. Website designed PSD
  3. Provide personalized CMS
  4. Server-side optimization
  5. SSL Certification
  6. Data security
  7. Mobile-friendly website optimization
  8. Website speed boosting
  9. SEO based Web pages