Why You Need a Mobile-friendly Website Design

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website/portal is designed to display when all the information in the website; including text, images, videos, slide, pop-up, carousel image, internal links, and menu tabs are easily accessible. Moreover, it should be clearly readable and smoothly navigated onto all devices such as small desktop, large desktop, mobile devices (Android Smartphones, iOS devices), and Tablets. The best part of the mobile-friendly website is you’ll experience excellent viewing, and intended to utilize the every screen size of the device.

Why Would You Design Mobile-Friendly Website?

The technology is rapidly increasing day by day with the growth of business markets proportionally. Nowadays each and every task is being accomplished using a mobile device or Tablet. The smart devices provide us with an ease of access. Every business is using their web and social media presence for brand awareness. Facts say that to access the website all over the devices you need to design your web portal mobile-friendly. Before designing a mobile-friendly website you should know these factors:

    1. Google Algorithm for Search Engine Result Page – Every month Google is updating their algorithm, the latest update “Mobilegeddon” says that if your website is mobile-friendly, this will tend to boost Google’s mobile search results.
    2. Use Google’s AMPs – To utilize the AMP page in your website, you need to use the regarding AMP code, which is easily available on Google webmaster tools. For CMS such as WordPress, Weebly, Magento or Wix you can add a plugin, it is free to download.
    3. Website Content is Mobile Friendly – the image and content should be easily accessed & navigated when it is required. By implementing this, the website will be easy to read even on small mobile device screens.
    4. Track and Verify Website – After the complete design process, you’ve to do the mobile-friendly test of your website on Google Search Console. Now, if your website is verified by Google, this will help your website to rank well on Google SERP.